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Your Folding unit

Downtime and the drop out of a machine is expensive!
Our main focus is on preventive maintenance. Possible downtime or even failure is thus avoided. We change the wear parts of your machine before they fail to ensure smooth and downtime-free work. We pay particular attention to long running times and long service lives.

After each service on your machine you will receive a service report with the performance, the work carried out on your machine and recommendations for future services.


For each folding unit we create a schematic drawing and a wear part matrix. Every system is tested under load after maintenance. The work carried out is documented in a detailed assembly report. You will receive a detailed report from us with the most important key data.
Thanks to our good contacts to the manufacturers, we can give you competent and reliable feedback at any time and at short notice, even with more complex matters. Our technicians have special knowledge that is unique in this form.


our service for you:

complete conveyor belt sets


We will also be happy to supply you with suitable conveyor belts!

Matching types, exact prepared ends for folding unit or post press machines.

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