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before it's getting worse


Standstill is expensive! The failure of a machine does not only cost time and money, it can even endanger an order! We take care of your machines before it is too late and damage occurs. Preventive maintenance is what we do. 

Downtime must be avoided

We ensure long running in your folder and post-processing. We do not just change the tapes with each of our operations. We check all shafts and all belt rollers and check the wear parts. If necessary we also clean them. We detect damage and wear before it becomes apparent.

We record abnormalities and make recommendations for the replacement of parts at an early stage. Damage that is imminent or existing damage is commented and marked on drawings. This makes it easy and quick to locate affected parts.


We will also be happy to supply you with suitable conveyor belts!

Matching types, exact prepared ends for folding unit or post press machines.

Test us!  Ask us without obligation!