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Conveyor belts in numerous materials in the required length and width.

In your folding unit or finishing line there are numerous belts that transport the product safely from one position to the next.
However, depending on the product and speed, the belts will loose grip over time! The grip slackens and the transport no longer works smoothly.

High time for a new set of conveyor belts!
We manufacture your new set of conveyor belts for your folding unit or your finishing department. Exactly! In the required lengths and widths! All end connections are prepared - ground and punched.

All belts you need!
Perfectly manufactured! All positions cleanly labelled!
Each belt with exact length, width and specified running direction.

Everything you need in one set!
Ready for immediate use!

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We will also be happy to supply you with suitable conveyor belts!

Matching types, exact prepared ends for folding unit or post press machines.

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